25 Ways to Use Your 3-minute Pickling Pouch – No Jars Needed

Great Lakes Pickling Company’s Pickle Pouches are like the Swiss army knife of pickling.

Put your creative mind to use and find out the many different ways to use the pouches; everything from using it as a meat marinade to repelling mosquitoes.

1. Daily Double

The Pickle Pouches are good for two 32oz batches of pickles. Once you finish your first batch, fill it back up with vegetables and do it all over again.

2. Marinade

After you’re done making your pickles, put your meat or fish in right in the pouch for no mess marinading. The spice blends mixed with vinegar makes for the perfect marinade for chicken, steak, fish, vegetables.

After you’re done making your pickles, put your meat or fish in right in the pouch for no mess marinading. The spice blends mixed with vinegar makes for the perfect marinade for chicken, steak, fish, vegetables.

3. Popcorn Seasoning

Don’t feel like making pickles? Dust our unique spice blends on popcorn to give a boring snack a tasty surprise! Spray with butter and sprinkle seasoning, shake, and enjoy

4. Muscle Cramps

Pickle juice has recently resurfaced as a popular remedy for athletes to get rid of muscle cramps after running or working out.

5. Restore Electrolytes

The sodium in pickle juice helps restore the body’s electrolytes. Many people swear by pickle juice to help cure their hangovers or replenish their electrolytes when they’re sick.

6. Soup

Is your soup missing something? When stirred into soup, the spices from the Pickle Pouches give your dish the extra pop it needs.

7. Meat Tenderizer

The salty, tangy pickle juice makes for a great meat tenderizer for those tougher pieces.

8. Save Vegetables

Instead of throwing away vegetables in your fridge that are nearing their expiration, cut them up and throw them into the pickle pouch. You can combat food waste by doing this, and enjoy tasty pickles too!

9. Vinaigrette

Add the spice blend to a vinaigrette or sprinkle it over a salad to give it an extra zing of flavor

10. Reduce Heartburn

After you’re done making your pickles, drink the brine to reduce heartburn and stomach acid

11. Dry Rub

Want to wow your dinner guests? Rub the spice blends from the pickle pouches on your meat or fish for a unique flavor that they’ve never tried before. Whether you use Bloody Mary or Spicy Garlic & Dill, you’re sure to surprise them.

12. Dipping Sauce

If you’re looking to make your own healthy dipping sauces, mix the spices in with low-fat yogurt or sour cream for a delicious dipping sauce. Even dip your pickles!

13. Drizzle Over Fish

Drizzle your left-over pickle brine over fish to give it an extra tangy flavor.

14. Taco Seasoning

Texas Tornado is the perfect seasoning for tacos or fajitas with its jalapeno and habanero flavor!

15. Baked Potato

Bored of plain, old baked potatoes? Make them more exciting by sprinkling the spice blend over them. Smoked Garlic & Dill baked potato? Yes, please!

16. Boiling Potatoes

If you’re boiling some potatoes for dinner, add the brine into the boiling water to give those plain potatoes an extra zing.

17. Bloody Mary

Add a tablespoon of pickle brine to bring your Bloody Marys to the next level. It’s even better with the Bloody Mary Pickle Pouch!

18.Pickleback Shots

Pickleback shots are steadily rising in popularity. Upgrade your picklebacks by using unique pickle brine flavors such as Sweet & Smokey Habanero or Polish Garlic & Dill.

19. BBQ Sauce

Want your barbecue sauce to stand out? Mix in spice blends such as Texas Tornado or Spicy Garlic & Dill to make your BBQ sauce unique and delicious

20. Mosquito Repellent

Save the brine from your batch of pickles and spray or rub it on your body. Mosquitoes hate the smell of vinegar and will stay away from you.

21. Cleaning Agent

Adding some pickle brine into copper pans will help get the grime and grease off of them. Thank me later.

22. Kill Weeds

Spraying those ever-sprouting pesky weeds in your garden with pickle brine will kill them off for good.

23. Laxative

Drinking a glass of pickle juice is said to get your system moving… if you know what I mean.

24. Stop Hiccups

Some say that drinking pickle juice is the perfect remedy for hiccups.

25. Herbicide

Pickle Juice is great for plants that rely on acidic soil. Add the juice to plants such as hydrangeas for a pet-friendly fertilizer!

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