10 Keto Benefits of All Natural Pickles

Attention Keto-ers! Have you ever found yourself reaching for the pickle jar in the fridge, but have a moment of self-doubt? Wait for a second‐ are these low carb?

Do pickles even have carbs?? Believe it or not, in the keto-world, a debate actually exists over the infamously crunchy and notorious weight loss- friendly snack.

HOW could pickles not be keto?!

I mean, they’re just cucumbers! But does this mean they qualify as keto? If you don’t regularly check nutrition labels, you may be shocked to find out the amount of sugar that’s in some of your favorite pickle brands, and the recommended daily sugar amount for the keto diet is 0g.

You Don’t Have to Say Goodbye…

The good news is humans aren’t perfect, which is why we’re allowed 20g of sugar per day on the keto lifestyle. That is why it best to stick with all-natural, low sugar, low salt pickles. Plus, pickles actually come along with some great benefits to help you live your best keto life.

1. Pickles contain virtually no carbs.

The keto-lifestyle is a high-fat low-carb diet. Since pickles are made out of cucumbers, vinegar, and spices they are the perfect low-carb keto snack. Low carb diets are known to reduce appetite, lower triglycerides (fat cells!), reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, and fight metabolic syndrome. Most pickles only have 1g of carbs per delicious serving!

2. Pickles satisfy the “crunch craving” many Keto-ers experiences.

Cutting out carbs means cutting out chips, pretzels, crackers, popcorn, nuts, and other snacks that satisfy that craving for a good crunch. Luckily for you, pickles pack the perfect crunch to stave off that craving. I would challenge anyone to find a crunchier pickle than the Granny Dill made by Great Lakes Pickling!

3. Pickle brine helps with the “Keto Flu”

If you are just starting the keto diet, or if you’re a keto-pro, you probably know about the “Keto Flu”. Keto Flu starts just a few weeks after adapting a low-carb lifestyle. Your body may show flu-like symptoms when you quickly eliminate all carbohydrates from your diet. Pickle brine happens to be packed full of electrolytes and is the perfect remedy for heartburn, night cramps, hiccups, hangovers, PMS, blood sugar control, and even diarhhea. It’s also important to mention to not drink pickle brine with sodium benzoate! Great Lakes Pickling Company has all natural pickles with no artificial preservatives.

4. Pickles are fast, convenient, and require hardly any prep time.

Sometimes following a dietary lifestyle requires meal-prep and thinking ahead. Pickles are an easy keto snack that comes straight out of a jar!

“Pickles are my go-to snack!”

5. Pickles go great with other keto-friendly snacks.

Pickles taste delicious dipped in other keto-friendly dips and sauces such as ranch, dill pickle dip, thousand island dressing, or even low-carb peanut butter! (Yes, really!)

6. There’s an abundance of keto-friendly recipes to be made with a pickle.

Ever heard of a dill pickle fat bomb? Or even better- a crispy bacon dill pickle fat bomb? Keto pickle poppers? Even fried pickles are keto! A simple google search for keto pickle recipes will open a world of new tastes and flavor combinations. The ultimate pickle lovers dream!

7. Pickles have as little as 0g of fat and 1g of carbs

Something unique about the Great Lakes Pickling Company’s All-Natural pickles are they’re made with very little sodium, real whole ingredients, and have 0g of fat and 1g of carbs. They are the perfect snack for anyone with an alternative dietary lifestyle such as keto. An added bonus is they’re gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan too!

8. Pickles are low-calorie

One large draw of pickles for the weight-loss community is they contain almost no calories. If you like to keep track of your calories, a pickle is a fantastic food to fill up on because the average pickle only contains about 7 calories per serving. The Great Lakes Pickling Pickles only contain 5 calories per serving so you can spend those extra calories splurging on something delicious!

9. The salty bite from pickles reduces cravings for other carb-filled salty snacks

Keto-ers sometimes find themselves craving something salty because they are limited in sodium intake. That’s why many people living the keto lifestyle reach for pickles- they’re full of tangy, sour, salty goodness that helps stave off those salt cravings while maintaining a healthy balance. Be sure to look for pickles that have lower sodium as they can be as high as 600mg per serving. There are great tasting options.

10. Pickles cure boredom

Bloody Mary? Smoked Habanero? Spicy Garlic Dill? I’ll take them all! The days of a single pickle flavor behind us. Craft pickle companies are busting through the traditional glass walls and creating unique and exciting flavors that will give your tastebuds a whole new flavor experience. Sticking to one dietary lifestyle can get boring, but if you can switch it up and incorporate different flavors you’ll find excitement in the simple things- pickles!

Check out the Great Lakes Pickling Company for 100% All Natural, Low-Sodium, Low-Carb,  and Gluten-Free craft pickles that make living the keto lifestyle that much easier. Not to mention, fun too!

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