Pickle Juice: Natural Remedy for Mosquito Bites?

Does pickle juice really keep mosquitoes away?

If you find yourself always getting mosquito bites you might blame it on the color you’re wearing, or your fragrance. The truth is, you probably have a higher body temperature and sweat a lot more than others. Since mosquitoes don’t die until it drops below 50 degrees, you’ll want to check out these natural home remedies to last you all summer long.

Natural Remedies Are Hard to Find..

Now that it’s summertime, it’s time to get out the mosquito repellent again. If you’re someone who prefers organic products, you’ve probably realized that finding a repellent that’s natural and inexpensive isn’t easy.

A simple Google search for “organic mosquito repellent remedies” will turn up results like Listerine, lavender, tea tree oil, cinnamon oil and citronella. You’ve tried each “remedy”, yet in the summer you still find yourself covered in mosquito bites. You just can’t seem to defeat them- and you sure aren’t going to cover yourself in clothing from head to toe.

What if I told you that something you probably have in your refrigerator could be the perfect solution to mosquitoes? Well if you’re a pickle-eater, you’re in luck because pickle juice is the perfect remedy. But beware, you can’t use just any pickle juice…

Toxic Pickles!?

Unfortunately, most popular pickle brands contain yellow #5, a color food-dye that is known to cause allergic reactions, asthma, migraines, headaches, and contain carcinogens linked to cancer. For those health-nuts out there you may want to avoid pickles at all costs. Fortunately, there are many organic brands such as the Great Lakes Pickling Company that don’t use any preservatives or food-dyes in their pickle brine.

The Quick Fix

Speaking of pickle brine, it may be your long-awaited solution to finding an inexpensive and natural mosquito repellent. Many hikers, campers, and outdoors-lovers swear by pickle juice to fend off annoying mosquitoes. Mosquitoes HATE the smell of vinegar- especially apple cider vinegar.

If you know you’re leaving for a long-weekend spent in the outdoors, you can be proactive and start drinking pickle juice or eating pickles a few days beforehand. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone with all the benefits from drinking pickle juice too! The vinegar will seep out of your pores when you sweat, keeping mosquitoes away. It’s gross- but it works!

Rubbing pickle juice on your skin works just as well as drinking it beforehand. When vinegar is sprayed, the vinegar smell quickly disappears and leaves behind a lemony smell. Mosquitoes are bothered by garlic too, so if you have a garlic-flavored pickle you’re doubling up on protection.

Just a Little Dab Will Do Ya!

Suppose you’re already covered in mosquito bites, and scratching them only makes it worse. Dabbing the mosquito bite with pickle juice will soothe it and stop the itching. The salt in typical pickle juices could dry out your skin, so it is best to stick to pickle juice brands with low salt content, like the Great Lakes Pickling Company’s low-sodium pickles. Next time you finish a jar of pickles, remember not to throw away the leftover juice, it could be saving you and your family from a weekend full of itching!

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