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We've raised the bar on high quality pickle juice with our hand crafted brines for bars and restaurants. It’s all about flavor. We substitute salt with a blend of natural herbs and spices making our brine uniquely low sodium. This makes for a better tasting, fresh, and healthy pickle juice.

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Our uniquely low sodium pickle juice is a valuable addition to bars and restaurants seeking new, fun, and fresh.  We enjoy collaborating to develop custom products and packaging that further enhance your brand.  Leading competitor products contain chemicals and  have 890mg of sodium per serving vs our 130mg all natural brines.

People have been chasing whiskey with pickle brine long before the pickleback. Our brine can be used in a wide variety of cocktails, shots, or as a chaser. 

Pickle-Infused Vodka
Smoky Habanero Pickle-Infused Vodka
Garlic Dill-Infused Vodka
The New Pickleback
The Pickled Surfer – Pick-Whisk
Dill Pickle Martini – Pickle-Tini
Dill Pickle Bloody Mary
Dill Pickle Martini
Pickle Juice Margarita

Whats a Pickleback?
A whiskey shot chased by a shot of pickle brine; the term “pickleback” may also refer only to the shot of pickle brine itself. Alternatively, the shot of whiskey can be chased by a bite of a pickle (generally, a whole dill pickle). The pickle brine works to neutralize both the taste of the whiskey and the burn of the alcohol.
The Story of the Pickleback
Brooklyn bartender Reggie Cunningham tells it, in 2006, he was approached at the Bushwick Country Club by a gold-toothed woman who, in a "filthy redneck voice," made the barman do a series of whiskey shots followed by brine. Reggie fell in love and dubbed it the pickleback.
Fastest Growing Spirit
Irish Whiskey is the fastest growing spirits category in the U.S. Two hundred bottles of Irish whiskey are sold every minute.
43 mill bottles of Irish whiskey
The U.S. purchased 43.92 million bottles of Irish whiskey in 2016, a lot even compared to Ireland, the second largest consumer, which bought 6.25 million bottles.
Hangover Cure
Science says brine can help with a hangover due to the acetic acid in the vinegar acts as an antidiuretic that contains electrolytes and absorbs salt.

Strong Pairings


Consumers Crave Authenticity
Food is social and cultural currency, like music or fashion.  Pickles have a strong sense of nostalgia, sense of place and a sense of history. They help transform food and drinks into experiences to be cherished.

Naturally Full-Flavored
Our brines are a suitable contender for any vinegar-based marinade or salad dressing.  Each variety has a subtle character all their own providing you with juicy, full-flavored menu items with nostalgia. Featuring items with Great Lakes Pickling brine is sure to enhance the experience of your guests. Our products are big on flavor and certified low sodium, something health-conscious guests will appreciate. 


Pickles gain prominence on restaurant menus (last 4 years)

Pickles appear on more than 40% of all menus, up ▲15%

▲300% increase in pickles or pickle juice on restaurant alcoholic beverage menu.

Great Lakes Pickling

100% all natural with no artificial chemicals or ingredients. Just 130mg of sodium per serving.


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Used as a food preservative and protects against yeasts, molds, and certain types of bacteria.

Health Risks: People suffering from asthma, aspirin sensitivity, or urticaria may have allergic reactions and/or find that their symptoms become worse after eating.

Used as an emulsifier or defoamer in foods, vitamins, medicines, and vaccines.

Health Risks: Polysorbate 80 has been causally linked with an increased risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and of tumor growth or recurrence in patients with certain types of cancer. It can be considered a concern to accept vaccines which contain the ingredient.

A synthetic lemon-yellow azo dye primarily used as a food coloring.

Health Risks: Because of estimated 1 in 10,000 people have allergy and intolerance US manufacturers are required to declare the use of atrazine on ingredient labels. Individuals with asthma or aspirin interference may also have an intolerance. The European Union requires a special warning label.

Processed foods need to last a long time and the preservation methods used to accomplish that tend to reduce flavor. Food manufacturers use “natural flavors” to enhance or maintain the flavor after it’s processed. 

Health Risks: Natural Flavors can be derived from animals or plants so unless explicitly labeled as vegetarian or vegan you don’t know.

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