About Us


This is who we are

Beverly Patterson started making pickles for her husband several years ago. Lou, (her husband), was given a low-sodium diet by his doctor. Well, Lou loved his pickles and Beverly couldn't see him suffer without the one thing he enjoyed the most; pickles. After several years of making pickles and giving them to friends and family everyone encouraged Beverly to share her passion with the rest of the world. Great Lakes Pickling Company was born from this passion.

As Beverly and Lou were heading down the pickle aisle of their local grocery store Lou stopped at the very long display of pickles. When Beverly asked why, Lou replied, "You have to look here and see what is missing and make that."

With those words, Beverly has let her imagination run wild, giving us the several unique varieties that we offer.


This is what we do

We make your old favorite pickle flavors and some awesome new flavors that you're sure to enjoy.

If you like a crunchy, low-sodium, all-natural pickle you're sure to enjoy our pickles!

From our Garlic Dill Pickles to our latest addition of Hearty Horseradish Garlic Dill, come try them all!


You are the reason we do it

At Great Lakes Pickling Company we try not to follow any other pickle company. We offer nothing but the best hand-selected produce with the highest quality ingredients!