About Us

Originally founded by Michigan native, Beverly Patterson, and her personal passion for pickles, the Great Lakes Pickling Company evolved from one original recipe to a popular range of pickling options sold in unique, easy-to-make pickling pouches.

From those modest beginnings, its current Ownership has reimagined its future and is excited to be bringing our customers new products, broader and more convenient distribution, informative blogs, videos, and delicious recipes to inspire and satisfy our devoted pickling patrons!

Chef looking over seasoning blends on a table

Why We Love What We Do: A Pickle Story

It wasn’t so long ago that if you wanted some crisp, great-tasting pickles, you had to visit your local general store and pluck them out of a wooden barrel or earthenware crock. You might even have had to bring your own container to put them in.

Those were also the days of questionable ingredients, poor quality control, and the lack of any variety. You simply got what they had.

Nostalgia isn’t dead. In fact, the Great Lakes Pickle Company has not only kept the ancient art of fresh pickling alive but it’s also solved the quality and variety challenges with one simple, very creative product. We love that!

"Hunger is the best pickle"

Why You'll Love What We Do

Our easy-to-make Pickling Pouches allow you to create the same great-tasting pickles that will now, you’ve had to get from your favorite deli, restaurant, or marketplace. You’ll love that all the ingredients in your pickled creations are “clean label” (natural) because our seasonings ARE clean label, and you control the quality of all the items you pickle with them.


Simply put your favorite vegetables in one of our pickling pouches. Then, add the vinegar and water, and in as little as three days, you have delicious, crispy, and clean pickled vegetables. You’ll soon discover why so many people are ditching the jar and picking Great Lakes Pickling Company’s easy-to-make Pickling Pouches.