In a Pickle for a Unique Holiday Gift? We have 5 Reasons Why Gifting the Great Lakes Pickling Company Pickle Pouches are a Gift of Good Taste.

No matter how many lists we make, how many hours we spend at stores or on line, there are some times, and some people, that it’s just SO difficult to find that unique gift for.

Maybe you have a neighbor who has a vegetable garden, or, they’re a do it yourselfer, a nature enthusiast, foodie, your vegan best friend, or maybe, wait for it…

For someone who just loves pickles!

Now we’d have to admit that gifting someone a jar of grocery store pickles might certainly be a cause for some raised eyebrows, but here’s why the Great Lakes Picking pouches can make a statement of great taste.

1). Gifting Great Lakes Pickling Pouches allows your recipient the opportunity to make their very own, delicious, FRESH pickled vegetables from ingredients THEY choose, QUALITY that they can see and touch, and, made with their own hands.

It’s personal pickling. Nothing is as special as something that you did yourself.

Our customers tell us that the pride of sharing their prized pouch is a sense of ownership, somehow, the crisp snap, fresh taste and delicious flavor of each bite is enjoyed so much more knowing they made it themselves.

And parents wanting to teach their children the value of a nutritional snack that they too can help prepare is worth more than the price of a pickling pouch.

2). It’s SO darn easy.

Just add the vinegar, your favorite vegetables, and top it off with water and that’s it! It’s easy, peasy, pickling.


3). They’re good for you! Many studies by numerous health professionals have shown that pickled foods contain many related health benefits which include: probiotics, gut health, regulating blood sugar levels, adding electrolytes to your diet and more.

4). Another one of the benefits of gifting the Great Lakes Pickling Company picking pouches, is introducing them to the growing community of pickling enthusiasts and the wealth of tips, information and recipes, all available on the Great Lakes Pickling Company’s website.

And, as a bonus, we have even MORE great content on our frequently published newsletters. It’s all free…just by signing up.

5) The deals.

Everyone’s looking for something new, something that they can truly enjoy, and, even better, something that’s affordable.

Right now, to help you prep your vegetables for your pickling pouches, we’re offering *2 free vegetable peelers when you purchase 6 pouches, (while supplies last), and FREE shipping when you buy 6 or more pouches.

This holiday season, think outside the “jar”. give a gift of “good taste” with the Great Lakes Pickling Company Pickle Pouches.

Pssst…and, while you’re at it, consider bringing along a finished pouch of pickles that YOU’VE made to share with them.

That’s the “Spear-it”!

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