Handcrafted pickles, enjoy our passion.

our craft Pickles

Michigan made & 100% natural

7 varieties of Premium Craft Pickles (32oz Jars)

Granny Dills
Garlic Dill
Smoked Garlic and Dill
Bread & Butter
Hearty Horseradish
Bloody Mary
Smoked Habanero

Where to buy

You can find our products in Michigan area stores including Meijer, Randazzo’s Market, Blake Farms, Niemans St. Clair, and small specialty grocers! Coming soon to Amazon.

This is a pickle lovers dream!

The Chipotle Lime, Smoked Habanero and Bloody Mary pickles are beyond memorable. We love them with our BBQ plates, in our grilled cheese with a little bacon and of course, they make the best Bloody Mary!
Erica H.
Houston, Texas

Bring the heat!

It was excellent! I tried the Smoked Habanero and Smoked Garlic and Dill pickles and they were both very good. I highly recommend this company.
Angela V.
Washington Twp., Michigan

Crisp! Just the best taste

You will never have a pickle that is as good or as fresh as these are! Crispy! Just the right taste! They are absolutely the BEST!"
Peggy Ann
Romeo, Michigan


I've been a huge fan right from day one. I've tried other pickles. I've made my own pickles. NOTHING compares to Great Lakes Pickles! Snappy crisp and amazing depth of flavors. Speaking of flavors... they have the widest variety of artisanal pickle flavors I've ever seen! Try em, you'll LOVE em!
John L.

The art and science of our natural pickles

  • Cucumbers
  • Artisanal
  • Natural

Quality You Taste

The natural beauty of the Great Lakes has inspired us to make fresh, all natural pickles.  We hand prepare every pickle we produce.  Combining farm fresh cucumbers, spices and pure Michigan water.  

  • Spices
  • Herbs
  • Low Sodium

Why Less Sodium?

It’s all about flavor. We substitute salt with a blend of natural herbs and spices. This makes for a better tasting, fresh and crunchy pickle.

Low Sodium Diet

When my husband Lou was given a low-sodium diet by his doctor. Lou loves his pickles and I couldn’t see him suffer without the one thing he enjoyed the most; pickles. My determination paid off with a hand crafted pickle he can enjoy.

  • Love
  • Passion
  • Award Winning

Extra Crunchy

Making pickles is a lot like grilling the perfect steak. You have to get it just right.  We handcraft flavorful brines with fresh spices.  We pickle to perfection and hand pack them. The result is the most authentically farm fresh and crunchy pickles you’ll ever eat.

Inspired by Nature

You can’t hold onto water so let it hold you. When water has done it’s work you’ll feel lighter. And what was weighing you is left weighing the water.   – A Hammond


Make pickles with our spice packs.

Our do it yourself packs come with everything but your vegetables. Enjoy ingredients pulled fresh from your garden and family bonding time.


Gourmet artisanal flavor pickle juice

Use as a drink, marinade, and cocktail mixer. Vinegar based pickle juice is beneficial for digestive health, muscle cramps, and overall health.

Our brine marinade could finally mean the end of meal boredom! Almost no other mixers can claim to be all natural, low sodium, with added nutritional benefits, and suitable for multiple types of liquor.

Grandma Annie

Join our pickle revolution​

pickle spice packs (6 varieties)

Premium Craft Pickles
32oz Jars (7 varieties)
Low Sodium with all the taste

Spicy Garlic Sliced snack pack,
no messy pickle juice! (4oz)
5 calories, 1g Fat and low sodium!